How do Bristol Wax Wraps work?

Natural Beeswax, tree resin and jojoba are anti-bacterial and natural preservatives. The fabric, when infused with this blend, creates a seal which is breathable, keeping your food FRESH for longer. Simply shape Bristol Wax Wraps using the warmth of your hands around your food, be it folded around a bowl or your sandwich bag, to keep your food fresh and contained.

How does heat interact with Bristol Wax Wraps?

Bristol Wax Wraps are made from natural beeswax which will feel different at varying temperatures. In warmer environments they feel softer, in colder, they feel harder and not as tacky. Bristol Wax Wraps will melt 60 degrees. Whilst you are unlikely to experience ambient temperatures reaching 60 degrees, direct sunlight may well.
Don’t use in the oven, dishwasher, washing machine or microwave.
Ensure the food is cold before wrapping.

How long will do they last?


They will last up to year, and then you can either re-wax them or  throw them on the compost  heap. They are 100 % biodegradable. To keep Bristol Wax Wraps in good condition avoid storing heavily coloured food in them, such as blackberries, and rinse them in tepid water between uses.

Will Bristol Wax Wraps effect the taste of my food?

The Beeswax infusion should not effect the taste of your food, and its strength will diminish with each rinse, however it may not be best to store heavily scented food in them, such as raw onions, as they could leave a trace.

What food should I use Bristol Wax Wraps for?

Bristol wax Wraps are versatile creatures, and will work with pretty much anything. They are a brilliant addition to any lunchtime break, adding colour colour and keeping your salad and sandwiches fresh. They are suitable for covering left-overs in the fridge, cheeses and breads. They are also brilliant for keeping your carrots un-wilted, and your fruit and veg crisp. Your own imagination is the limit to their use.  Stale bread will be a thing of the past, and never before will your cheese board look so festive! I would, however avoid using Bristol Wax Wraps for storing raw meat.

Who makes Bristol Wax Wraps?

 I make them at top secret location in Bristol and ensure they are infused with a good musical playlist as I work.

How does Bristol Wax support people and planet?

Bristol Wax Wrap use a range of fabric, so you can choose 100% Organic Hemp Cotton, or else if you prefer it funky the African Wax print range. All Ingredients in the infusion is 100 % Organic, using locally sourced Pine Resin from Wales (anti-bacterial and anti-fungal), Beeswax (100% organic and as much of it from local, natural Beekeepers as possible) and Organic Jojoba Oil direct from the source in California.

By Buying Bristol Wax Wraps you are preventing more plastic pollutions, which is causing huge harm to our bio-sphere. It takes 400 years for plastic to biodegrade, but you can pop Bristol Beeswax wraps on the compost to biodegrade in  just a few months.

BRISTOL WAX is a company that aims to support local, natural beeswax producers, and uses their wax as much as possible.  For more information about natural beekeeping please check out the Bristol based project, Bee The Change Project, which mentors local bee keepers and runs hives in Local community spaces and schools. 

Bristol wax donates a portion of its proceeds to Bee The Change Project and to Bees for Development, an international Bee keeping organisation that promotes beekeeping internationally as a means of escaping poverty. For more information about how they do this, please check out their projects here; Bees for Development.

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