The Story of BRISTOL WAX

On sale at The Bristol Bazaar @ the Island in Bristol City Centre, and on the Saturday @ The Harbourside Market, Sunday @ The Tabacco Factory market.

BRISTOL WAX started when I saw these strange waxy cloths covering food stuff on a craft stall at Ceris Matthew's Music Festival, The Good Life Experience, earlier this year in North Wales.

I was delighted by the solution they provided to the endless use of dull, environmentally damaging plastic packaging, and promised to do some research when I arrived back home.

I soon discovered that I too could produce fine quality Beeswax wraps, with a funky and ethical edge. 

   I  am keen on using organic ingredients and supporting projects such as  Bee The Change Project, a Bristol Natural beekeeping project, that mentors natural beekeeping in  local schools and community spaces, and also Bees for Development, a Charity that works internationally to encourage Bee keeping as a means to alleviate poverty.